Anna Pandolfi

Professor of Structural and Material Mechanics
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Personal Information

  • Full Name : Anna Pandolfi
  • Role : Professor of Structural and Material Mechanics
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  • Office : Piazza L. Da Vinci, 32
  • Telephone : +39-02-23994217

I am a civil engineer with strong interests in computational mechanics and biomechanics of soft tissues. Before starting a career in the Academia, I have been working as self-employee in the industry for a decade, developing technical-scientific software for engineering firms. I become assistant professor in 1995, and in 1996 I started a collaboration with Caltech (Pasadena CA), where I still hold an intermittent Visiting Associate position. My research has been awarded with 14 plenary lectures in international conferences and 80 invited seminars in outstanding international institutions. I am presently Editor in Chief of the journal Meccanica (Springer).

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Education and Professional Career

Professor of Structural and Solid Mechanics, Politecnico di Milano


Associate Professor of Structural and Solid Mechanics, Politecnico di Milano

2001 – 2016

Assistant Professor of Structural and Solid Mechanics, Politecnico di Milano

1995 - 2001

Engineering consultant, Alphard Srl (technical and scientific software firm), Milano

1989 - 1995

Staff engineer, Rocksoil Spa (geotechnical engineering firm), Milano


Ph.D. in Mechanics, Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Matériaux, Université Paul Verlaine de Metz, Franceo


- Engineering habilitation (Esame di Stato)


Master of Science cum Laude in Civil Engineering Politecnico di Milano


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My research in computational mechanics led to the development of advanced technologies for modelling cohesive fracture onset and propagation, nonsmooth contact approaches, finite kinematics material models, variational methods for fracture tracking (eigenerosion), the invention of an enhanced concrete metamaterial (metaconcrete), and the development of a microstructural porous brittle material model for modelling fracking. The major achievements of my research in biomechanics are the conception of stochastic material models for fibrous tissues, the development of innovative computational models for the human cornea, and the ideation of microstructural models for stromal collagen.


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76 (Scopus)

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a. At the undergrad level, I have been teaching Mechanics of Solids (Energy Engineering, 2000-2022), Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics (Aerospace Engineering, 2010-2022), Structural Mechanics (Management Engineering, 2006-2007). At the master level, I have been teaching Structural and Thermal Analysis (Industrial Engineering, 2004-2011). Since 2007, I deliver a PhD course in Nonlinear Solid Mechanics at the Doctoral School of the Politecnico di Milano. I have been a member of the PhD School in Mathematical Methods and Models for Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (2012-2018) and in Structural Engineering, Seismic and Geotechnical Engineering (2000-2014). I advised or coadvised 10 PhD students and 6 post-docs. page on Politecnico website.

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International and national research projects

Vigoni program


“Thermal crack evolution in thin wall structures”, Siegen Universität, Germany, PI

Vigoni program


“Numerical simulations of damage and failure in thin wall structures”, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, PI

iVis Technologies


An Integrated Meso & micro scale Procedure to Assess Territorial flood risk (Fondazione Cariplo). Role: PI


2015 - 2016

“Numerical modelling of the in-vivo mechanical behavior of the human cornea”, PI

Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI)

2014 - 2016

“Development of a stress and fracture analysis software for the planning and the design of hydraulic fracture campaigns in non-conventional shale gas and shale oil fields”, PI

Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI)

2010 - 2011

“Determination of the initial stress state at bore-hole level through inverse analysis”, PI

Research Agreements

Biomechanics of the cornea: modeling refractive surgery procedures, linking mechanics and optics in normal and pathological conditions, characterization of the mechanical properties of porcine corneas and validation of numerical models of the cornea

2022- 2005

Biomechanics of fiber reinforced tissues: constitutive models for biological tissues with distributed orientation of the reinforcing collagen fibers

2022 - 2012

Biomechanics of active biotissues: constitutive models for the electro-mechanics of cardiac excitation and of intestines

2016 - 2011

Metaconcrete: a new concept of concrete with enhancing performance aggregates

2022 - 2014

Meshfree methods: approximation approaches for transport and fracture propagation problems

2022 - 2012

Constitutive modeling of elastomeric materials: mechanical behavior of fluidic microvalves and UV radiation sensitive materials for ophthalmologic applications

20?? - 20??

Hydraulic fracture in non conventional reservoirs, numerical modeling and permeability evolution predictions

2022 - 2015

Constitutive modeling of soils: Cam-clay plasticity and multiscale brittle damage

20?? - 20??

Geomechanics: analytical solutions for the identification of the in situ stress state, numerical methods for the identification of soil material properties; numerical solutions for free seepage in porous materials

20?? - 20??

Eigenerosion: modeling quasistatic fracture propagation with provably convergent energy based criteria

2022 - 2014

Fracture in structures: extension of standard cohesive approaches to fracture in thin shells and in anisotropic plates

2005 - 2002

Dynamic fracture: sensitivity to the dynamic load speed and duration on crash processes, and on the propagation of fracture in delamination in composites

2002 - 1998

Contact mechanics: non-smooth frictionless and frictional contact algorithms and application to dynamical problems of fracture and fragmentation in biomechanics and soil mechanics

2002 - 2000

Crack tracking: mesh adaptivity algorithms for finite element discretized three-dimensional solids

2004 - 1998

Cohesive models of fracture in finite deformations and application to failure under dynamic loading: modeling brittle and fatigue failure

2014 - 1998

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